ARTICLE // "How To Plant a Church in Chicago" at The Gospel Coalition

Jon Dennis planted Holy Trinity Church 18 years ago. He agrees church planting in Chicago is hard, but his assessment is more optimistic.

“There’s a quiet and critical church planting movement afoot in Chicago,” he said. “Many aren’t aware of what is happening in our cities, but God is at work.”

“In Jeremiah 29, [God tells Israel] to settle in—build homes and plant gardens and give your children in marriage,” Dennis said. “Have a long-term perspective of investment. Don’t expect anything in the first 10 years.”

“There’s a little parody that says church planting takes piles of cash, skinny jeans, and a tattoo. In reality, it takes longevity and a deep, authentic knowledge of God. We want instant results, and it’s not always like that.”

The Chicago Partnership was recently highlighted on The Gospel Coalition blog in an article about church planting in Chicago. Check out the rest of the article written by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra.

Samantha Connour